Art Project – Wetland Enchanter

This spatial project aims to abstractly represent the essential elements of the ecosystem in the Yellow Sea wetlands and explain the principles of wetland functions. It showcases a central piece crafted from foam plastic, featuring interconnected holes of all sizes. These holes symbolize the natural crevices found within the subterranean soils of the Yellow Sea wetlands, which play a pivotal role in facilitating water transport within this ecosystem.

On the lower front side of the model, intricate blue and green threads meticulously mimic the wetland-sea interface, offering a more tangible and evocative visual representation. This augmentation not only enhances the model’s vividness but also diversifies its color palette.

At the heart of the model’s surface lies a pattern crafted from red wool, depicting a specific wetland plant known as ‘saltmarsh glasswort.’ This resilient plant thrives in highly saline water and acts as a natural water purifier. The sinuous pattern in its structure, reminiscent of a scar, symbolizes its remarkable ability to restore the wetland environment and its pivotal role in sustaining wetland stability.

In addition, the model’s sides feature enlarged renderings of individual cells of the saltmarsh glasswort, affording viewers an up-close examination of this remarkable plant. These cellular representations aim to elucidate the plant’s intricate cellular structure and further exemplify its exceptional adaptations to the wetland environment.