Finalist, UNESCO int’l children’s art exhibition, “We Are The World”

Non-Academic, International, Grade 11

  • “We Are The World” International Children’s Art Exhibition sets up the Outstanding Works Award to celebrate global adolescents’ artworks reflecting on important social problems.
  • The judging panel selected 100 outstanding artworks from approximately 10,000 contestants to be exhibited at the Louvre Museum.

First Prize, 2021 FLTRP Cup National English Competition for Schools

Academic, National, Grade 10

  • This competition is held by foreign language teaching and research press, aiming at testing competitors’ English skills.

Third Prize, 17th Chinese Middle School Student Composition Contest

Academic, National, Grade 10

  • This competition, organized by the Chinese Middle School Students Composition Contest Committee, assesses students’ writing skills.

Finalist, 7th Int’l Youth Handwritten Hand-painted Postcard Contest

Non-Academic, International, Grade 10

Second Prize, Colorful Chinese Language Cup Calligraphy Competition

Non-Academic, City, Grade 10

Second Prize, 27th National Primary and Secondary School Students’ Painting and Calligraphy Competition

Non-Academic, National, Grade 11

  • Approximately 500,000 participants from across the country take part each year.

Zhou Enlai Scholarship Certificate

Academic, National, Grade 11

  • An honor awarded to students who achieve national-level recognition in academic competitions.