My portfolio is a profound expression of what I have seen, thought, and felt during my research in the Yellow Sea Wetlands. This inspiration stems from my wetland research experiences, combining art and installations to present wetland elements and issues in a unique manner.

In my art pieces, I have chosen an abstract approach to convey the essence of wetlands through canvas and color. These works capture the distinctive elements of wetland landscapes, allowing the audience to immerse themselves and experience the beauty and wonder of wetlands.

On the other hand, in the installation pieces, I have been dedicated to addressing the challenges I encountered during my wetland research. These installations not only serve as practical solutions to problems but also as explorations and calls for wetland conservation. They are designed to raise awareness about wetlands and ignite a passion for protecting ecosystems.

The entire portfolio represents my deep emotions and sense of responsibility towards wetlands, as well as my respect and appreciation for the natural environment. Through these works, I aim to convey the importance of wetlands and the idea that each of us can contribute to ecological conservation.

Art Projects:

Heart of the Wetland: Art Project – Heart of the Wetland – Liangdong Jin (jldjone.com)

Wetland Enchanter: Art Project – Wetland Enchanter – Liangdong Jin (jldjone.com)

Urban Strangers: Wetland’s Displacement (PROCEEDING): Art Project – Urban Strangers: Wetland’s Displacement (PROCEEDING) – Liangdong Jin (jldjone.com)

Design Projects:

AdaptaTread Weatherproof Footwear: Design Project – AdaptaTread Weatherproof Footwear – Liangdong Jin (jldjone.com)

FlexiPatch: Design Project – FlexiPatch – Liangdong Jin (jldjone.com)