Wetland Documentary Trilogy

I have a deep connection with the Yellow Sea Wetlands, which have been a constant source of inspiration for me. I spent my childhood in the vicinity of the wetlands, and the natural landscapes and diverse ecosystems there have always been a wellspring of inspiration and exploration for me.

The two documentaries I’ve created so far are the result of years of in-depth research and exploration of the Yellow Sea Wetlands, as well as a testament to my love for this remarkable place. Each documentary is a personal endeavor, aimed at sharing my unique perspective and deep emotional connection with this special region.

I am currently working on the third documentary, which will shed light on the challenges faced by those who have had to relocate from their homeland in pursuit of UNESCO certification for the Yellow Sea Wetlands. This documentary will further enrich the narrative, offering insights into the immense sacrifices and dedication required to protect this invaluable ecosystem.

Through these documentaries, I aim to convey my profound affection for the Yellow Sea Wetlands and inspire more people to become passionate about protecting this precious ecosystem. This is my personal bond with the Yellow Sea Wetlands – it’s a part of my life and an enduring passion.

The Legend of Elk:

Detailed Descriptions: Documentary-The legend of Elk – Liangdong Jin (jldjone.com)

Beautiful Wetlands:

Detailed Discrptions: Documentary-Beautiful Wetlands – Liangdong Jin (jldjone.com)

Unsung Heroes(Proceeding):

Detailed Descriptions: Documentary – Unsung Heroes (PROCEEDING) – Liangdong Jin (jldjone.com)